You can add as many Users as you like to help Create, Edit or Monitor posts or pages.  The system is designed to give the ability to control and the access areas of your website to whoever you want.

  1. To add a new User, click on the User SubPanel and select “Add New”.
  2. Add the Username used to sign in to the Administration Panel, remember is it case-sensitive.
  3. Add the Users First Name and Last Name. (optional)
  4. Add the Users email Address. Be sure it is the correct email Address. Users can not share the same email Address.
  5. Add the Users website (optional)
  6. Enter a password, twice. The password is case sensitive and should be at least 7 characters long.  Password can include upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols like ! “ ? $ % ) ^  &.
  7. Select to send the password to the new User by email.
  8. Select the “Users Role”.
  9. Click “Add User”.