Charade Wireframe Kit

Rocksolid wireframe kit for quick projects

Charade Wireframe Kit is a high-quality pack of wireframe elements made in sketch crafted to make your wireframing experience super easy. All layers and symbols are neatly grouped, named and organized. Each layout was carefully crafted using nested symbols. The kit is highly customizable and comes with sample wireframes. Get your hands on it to launch your wireframes faster with a charade.

Super Easy and Awesome Wireframing Experience!

Welcome to Charade Wireframe Kit. Hold on; your wireframing experience is going to be super easy. Please go through this manual to build your new and custom wireframe.

  • Drag & Drop

    Building wireframes are super comfy. We have made every component to the symbol that helps us to reuse the elements wherever necessary. What you have to do is go to the symbols list or go to Insert > Documents (Symbols) > Choose your preferred symbol and place it wherever you like. You can also drag the symbols from the layer list on the left, or you might love to copy and paste it.

  • Resizing

    All the symbols and components are resizable, and the best part is, the elements within the symbol would not skew, strength or make an unwanted change in its shape. Your design will be dynamic and adjustable for almost all types of screens.

  • Overrides

    Whenever you select a symbol, you’ll find the overrides section on the inspector. In the overrides section, you can override the nested symbols, components, or even symbols with other symbols for that instance. You can also edit the text and images from the inspector of the symbol for that instance.

  • Dynamic Aesthetics

    Your every wireframe would look different. You can customize colors, fonts, styles, etc. All you need to do is edit any layer and update the layer style on the right sidebar. For symbols, you’ll only need to change the essentials inside the symbols, and boom you get your custom design for your new wireframes.

Charade Wireframe Kit

This wireframe kit helps you speed up your wireframing time and is also...
  • Compatible with Sketch
  • has Nested Symbols
  • Dynamic Design
  • Resizable Elements

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