Sampression Lite 1.5.3 available

by Pravash Karki. Filed under

Sampression Lite has been updated, again. Download the Sampression Lite Version 1.5.3 today!

The following issues have been fixed, changed and added in this version:

  • Fixed: Comment count issue of posts
  • Fixed: Logo/Site title issue on both front-end and back-end
  • Fixed: CSS – Header spacing issue
  • Fixed: CSS – Search box focus issue
  • Fixed: CSS – Image caption issue
  • Fixed: Javascript issues – Uploading Logo on Theme Options
  • Fixed: Blank content search
  • Fixed: Blank category meta on search page
  • Added: Buttons/Links on Theme Options header
  • Changed: Copyright text
  • Changed: Translation (.po and .mo files)

We have crossed 100,000th milestone. Thank you for your continued support and suggestions!

4 responses to “Sampression Lite 1.5.3 available”

  1. I was interested in buying the pro version, but I don’t understand the pricing. Do I pay every year? If so, why? I just want to buy the template and use it.

  2. Hi John, You do not have to pay every year. Once you purchase the theme the update and support are available for one year time. After one year you can still use the theme but the update and the support are not available.

  3. The Custom Code field appears to have disappeared in the latest version of Sampression Lite and with it, my Google Analytics tracking. I put it in a widget for now, but will that field come back?

  4. Hi Carla, you could use the Google Analytics Plugin to add tracking. We have removed it due to the WordPress theme guideline. Thanks

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